Green Mission

Green Mission

As per environment ministry of India, 33 % of green cover is a basic requisite for the ecological balance of a region. However large part of the country has a scanty vegetative cover.

Vanaprerana Udyamam is a massive tree plantation initiative by CGR to restore green cover and ecological balance in semi-arid areas. The programme is facilitated through varied approaches and means by promoting societal participation.

Children are the hope of the future of new India. A nation grows with its children who are just like the buds that bloom into flowers and leave behind a fragrance. These tender children have to be shaped and guided to save our common future. By inculcating the seed of environmental conservation in young minds, CGR strives to create earth leaders. Hence, children are the key stakeholders in all its programmes



  • To enhance green cover and restore ecological balance in degraded and vulnerable landscapes
  • To sow the seed of environmental leadership in young minds
  • Sensitize and promote societal responsibility towards the conservation of nature


Salient features of the process

  • Key Stakeholders of High School children
  • Massive tree plantation through high schools with systemic and methodical process
  • High focus on awareness camps, rallies, orientation art and cultural forms etc., before planting
  • Eco-friendly teacher and 10 green soldiers
  • Green Record Book
  • Promotional material
  • Observation of Birth Day and Vrikshabandan
  • Vanaprerana certificates
  • Haritapatashala Certificates
  • Green Volunteer Certificates

Vana Pratignya – Future Generations Pledge to Save Nature:

I Will………

  1. Plant trees which are the life supporting System as they give us oxygen.
  2. Spread awareness among my Family & Friends on importance of forest for causing rain.
  3. Remind each and every one that the food, shelter and medicines are all the gifts given by trees.
  4. Plant a tree on my birthday and will celebrate my birthday and the tree birthday after one year.
  5. Protect the tree and nature it with love and care as it will protect me for my life time.
  6. Every Minute I will be environmentally conscious.

The extent/milestones (2010-19)


Districts 15
Schools 3634
Villages 172
Students 1053514
Planted Saplings 3365940
Temples 33
Seed Balls Scattering 1,59,000