Training on Swacha Patashala and Haritha Patashala – Pillalamarri, Mahabubnagar

From CGR, C. Umamaheswar Reddy, Environmental Scientist was an invited speaker at training on Swacha Patashala and Haritha Patashala on 1st August 2018 organized by DFO office Mahabaubnagar at Pillalamarri training hall. The training was intended to promote the participation of school children in Haritha haram programme for the year 2018 in the district. About 100 trainees comprised of forest personnel,   Educational officers and teachers from across the district were present. Also present was National Green Corps representative, Sri Ganga Reddy DFO and DEO office staff. The presentation about CGRs approach CGR approaches, tools, success saga, in massive tree plantation followed by sharing the concerns, experiences of the nearly decade of its journey to inspire, motivate the trainees and to add value and purpose to the training of trainers.