The Earth Centre

The Earth Center, instituted by Council for Green Revolution (CGR) an environmental organisation is promoted to foster earth leadership through capacity building, education, action research and networking. The campus is located in the vicinity of Anmaspally village, Kadthal mandal, on Hyderabad Srisailam highway, in Rangareddy district. The center endeavours to nurture transformative leaders, build capacities and foster partnerships in caring for planet earth by inspiring, informing, and enabling individuals and institutions to improve the quality of life on earth without in any way jeopardising that of future generations. The center runs programmems and activities sustainable development goals, with a focus on environment, biodiversity, natural resources, liveable habitats, climate change and disaster resilience. It conducts courses independently and in collaboration with universities and institutions. It organizes conferences, seminars, workshops, webinars and meetings for awareness and policy advocacy. It trains and conducts nature connect programmes and imparts skills on green technologies. In addition, it conducts and facilitates internships, student exchange and earth leaders’ programmes.

Programmes and Initiatives

Trainings: CELS conducts training programs that focus on nurturing Earth leaders who are committed for the cause of environmental protection, nature conservation, sustainability and so on.  These programs equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to address environmental challenges.

Nature connects programs: Nature Connect programs emphasize the spiritual and holistic connection between individuals and the natural world. These programs help participants deepen their understanding of the environment and foster a sense of oneness with nature. The ultimate goal of these programmes is to foster conservation leadership.

Environmental Education: Engaging and informative workshops, seminars, and educational materials designed to raise awareness about environmental issues and empower individuals with the knowledge to make sustainable choices. 

Climate Action: Advocating for and supporting initiatives that address climate change. CELS organizes the Conference of People on Climate Change, providing an ideal platform for to discuss and address climate change issues. 

Environmental Retreats: Environmental retreats offer individuals a unique opportunity to disconnect from their daily routines and immerse themselves in nature. These retreats promote reflection, personal growth, and a deeper connection to the environment.

Internships: The Earth Center provides internships for individuals interested in gaining hands-on experience in environmental and sustainability-related fields. These internships offer valuable learning opportunities and help train the next generation of environmental leaders.

Community Development: Initiatives aimed at building sustainable communities, promoting eco-friendly practices, and fostering social responsibility. These programs help communities and organizations build resilience to environmental and social challenges, enhancing their ability to adapt to a changing world.

Corporate Sustainability: Working with businesses to integrate sustainable practices into their operations, reducing their environmental footprint, and contributing to the global shift towards responsible business practices.

Facilitating Nature Camps, Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Meetings, etc.: CELS offers facilities for various events, including nature camps, conferences, seminars, workshops, and meetings. These spaces are designed to foster an environment conducive to learning, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas in the context of sustainability and environmental conservation. (Charges for organising the above activities would depend upon the type of activity)

Policy and Governance: Advocate and drive policies that lead to a more sustainable future. 

Infrastructure and other features

  • The Center is being developed on the eco-friendly design concepts and its conference is built on green building approach using rammed earth walls and local material.
  • A conference hall of 60 capacity
  • A lecture hall of 30 capacity 
  • An open-air auditorium of 200 capacity adjoins the conference hall
  • An amphitheatre of 100 capacity 
  • A bamboo house with 100 capacities
  • There is a permaculture block with a diverse tree species for biodiversity and agronomy studies.
  • A organic farming 
  • In campus biodiversity with a range of trees
  • Medicinal garden
  • aquatic ecosystems, 
  • solar technologies, 
  • waste management unit
  • nursery management unit
  • The premises have ample open space for a huge number of footfalls and congregations
  • Green belt and Permaculture block
  • Audio-visual facilities, internet and video-conference facilities 


The Earth Center,

Council for Earth leadership and sustainability (CELS),

Anmaspally village, Kadthal mandal, 

Rangareddy District, Telangana, India – 509358.