Seed Balls

Seed Balls

CGR strives through innovative approaches to promote the restoration of green cover in ecologically degraded dry lands. For last two years, CGR promoted propagation of green cover through seed ball dispersal. Seed Balls consists of a variety of different seeds rolled within a ball of clay adding humus and compost. The seeds prepared and shelved can be shattered on the setting of the monsoon or any other favourable time of a year. The main participants in this programme are school children.

Seeds of Custard apple, jammi, Raavi, Juvvi, Marri, Amla, Tamarind, felt form, Gulmohare, Regu, Rela, Drumsticks etc are used in the making of Seed Balls. CGR involves school students in the preparation of seed balls.

Since inception, CGR has facilitated preparation of more than 2 lakh seed balls and scattering of above 1 lakh seed balls in the village wilderness south of Hyderabad and Penuganchiprolu mandal in Krishna district.

Seedballs Preparation

S. No Name of the Student Name of Parent Class Seed Balls Prepared
1 M. Chandana  Venkataiah  5th Class 107660
2 M.Poojitha  Raju 8th Class 40000
3 K.Shruthi Krishnaiah 8th Class 16000
4 R.Pooja Suresh 8th Class 15000
5 G.Sravanthi Ramulu 7th Class 15000
6 K.Bhargavi Laxmaiah 9th Class 15700
7 G.Vani Narsimha 8th Class 11000
8 S.Sreeja Anjaiah   8th Class 10000
9 M.Krishnaveni Yadaiah 8th Class 11000
10 S.Shivani Ramulu 8th Class 6000
11 M.Sneha Raju 7th Class 6000
12 N.Pallavi Venkatesh 7th Class 2000
13 Y.Achyutha  Bucchaiah 7th Class 6000
14 K.Sneha Narsimha 7th Class 1200
15 T.Praveen Laxmaiah Inter 1st Year 6000
16 B.Siddu  Narsimha 7th Class
17 G.Dileep Narsimha 7th Class
18 N.Saiteja Rajendar 6th class
19 E.Raghavendar  Ashok 9th Class
20 G.Rajanikanth  Krishnaiah
Total 268560

Council for Green Revolution , Seed Balls Programme 2014-18

Year  Date Location of the Programme Disrtict Students Seed Balls Prepared Seed Balls Scattered
2014-15 March,2015 Aksharavanam, Kawakurthy Mahaboob Nagar 800 1000 1000
2017-18 May,2017 Muccherla Village, Kandukur Mandal Ranga Reddy 40 68000
2017-18 10.06.2017 Anmaspally Village, Kadthal Mandal Ranga Reddy 120 33000
2017-18 24.06.2017 Mallappa Gutta, Hillock Ranga Reddy 30 25000
2017-18 August,2017  ZPHS, Gokafasalwad, Doulthabad Mandal Vikarabad 300 30000
2017-18 September,2017 Gokafasalwad Forest area Vikarabad 300 30000
2017-18 September,2017 Forest area Jaggaiahpeta, Penugranchiprolu Krishna Dist 120 10000
2018-19 May, 2018 Muccherla Village, Kandukur Mandal Ranga Reddy Dist 40 101560
2018-19 August , 04th, 2018 Gummadidurru Budda Stupam Hillock, Penuganchiprolu, Krishna Dist Krishna Dist 500 60000
2250 200560 159000