Prakruthi Samskruthi

Prakruthi Samskruthi

The programme is aimed to make planting and protection of trees an integral part of our social, spiritual and cultural life. The programme aims to plant and conserve sacred native Indian trees like Devatha Vrukshalu, Pancha Maha Vrukshalu, Nakshatra Vrukshalu and sacred groves.

By involving temples and spiritual centers, CGR organizes festivals like Jammi Mahotsavam on the occasion of Dasara. Also festivals are celebrated and saplings planted on Shivaratri & Karthika Pournami. It distributes sacred saplings such as Jammi (Mimosa), Maredu (Bel), Amla and Neem as part of spiritual awareness drives to the devotees and spreading message through priests, scholars and pandits.

Prakruthi-Samskruthi started in the year 2011 with distribution of 3150 Jammi, Maredu and Amla Saplings. Till 2017-18, CGR has distributed and planted 11,861 sacred saplings through this programme.

Council for Green Revolution , Prakruthi- Samskruthi Programme 2010-18

Date of Event Name of the Program Location of the program District Name of saplings Total saplings Distributed/Planted
23rd July,2017 Temple Plantation Sri Mallikarjuna Swammy Temple,Mallappa Gutta , Chennaram Ranga Reddy Ganeru,Nandivardanam,coconut,rose etc 136
12th July, 2017 Temple Plantation Sri Anjaneya Swammy Temple, Doulthabad Vikarabad Ganeru,Nandivardanam,coconut etc 75
30.07.2016 Planting for Nakshatra Vanam Sri Veeranjaneya Swammy Temple Hillock, Anmaspally, Kadthal Mandal Ranga Reddy 36 Species of saplings 200
17th, 18th October,2015 Jammi Mahosthavam CGR Office, Banjara Green Colony, B.Hills Road No.12  Hyderabad scared Saplings, like Kadamba 50
17th, 18th October,2015 Jammi Mahosthavam Astalaxmi Temple, Vasavi Nagar, Kottapeta  Hyderabad Jammi, Maredu, Tulasi, Amla 1500
14th October,2015 Temple Plantation Sri Ramalayam temple, Sirisana Gandla, Charagonda Mandal, Mahaboob nagar Dist Mahaboob Nagar Jammi, Maredu, ravi, neem etc 200
29th,30th September,2014 Jammi Mahosthavam Kharman Ghat Hanuman Temple Ranga Reddy  Jammi & Maredu 350
5th, 6th October,2013 Jammi Mahosthavam Bharath Gardens,Champapet Ranga Reddy Jammi,Maredu, Amla, Neem, Raavi 2000
22th October,2012 Jammi Mahosthavam Vasavi Club Seva Kendram Hyderabad Jammi,Maredu, Amla, Neem, Raavi 4200
30th October 2011 Jammi Mahosthavam Around Hyderabad Hyderabad Jammi,Maredu, Amla, Neem, Raavi etc 3150