CGR aims at the environmental movement and raises awareness of the need to protect Earth's natural resources for future generations.

  1. CGR work to expand the area under agro-biodiversity as part of it
  2. The One Crore Plantation mission of CGR would continue and about 6.5 million plantations to be achieved by involving various stakeholders between 2020 and 2030 to accomplish the goal.
  3. Establish ‘The Earth Center’ at Anmaspalli near Hyderabad. An international center of excellence for the emergence of ‘Earth Leaders.’
  4. Strive for Establishing a ‘University of Environment and Sustainable Development’
  5. Work for the restoration of Eastern Ghats as a Ecosystems addresses sustainable development
  6. CGR will focus on rural areas to promote sustainable villages which includes a programme to improve local biodiversity, greenery, food security, soil fertility, water resources and bio-energy. Strive for sustainable rural livelihoods.
  7. Facilitating the creation of village ‘Earth Centres’ through  involvement of local communities, these sentence embody reference to mother earth; conserve local biodiversity, abiotic resources, honor ancestral lineages, preserve local culture, heritage and historic values. This will also be a space for local people to take related decisions.
  8. Facilitating the formation of ‘Earth Clubs’ in the Schools. These earth clubs to imbibe ecological values and inculcate reverence to Mother Earth and mother tree additionally these clubs and observe earth and environmental days of importance.
  9. CGR is committed to promote Sustainable Development Goals of UN, and catalyse local and regional action to achieve them by 2030.


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