CGR aims at the environmental movement and raises awareness of the need to protect Earth's natural resources for future generations.

  1. CGR would continue with its extensive tree plantation programs 
  2. Institutionalization of ‘Earth Leadership’
  3. CGR will focus on rural areas to promote sustainable villages which include a programme to improve local biodiversity, greenery, food security, soil fertility, water resources and bio-energy, and sustainable rural livelihoods.
  4. CGR is committed to promoting the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, and catalyzing local and regional action to achieve them by 2030.
  5. Work for the restoration and conservation of  Eastern Ghats 
  6. To develop and execute innovative programs that address climate change and SDG-related challenges. 
  7. To establish networks among CSOs, volunteers, professionals, and like-minded institutions to foster environmental protection and sustainable development. •
  8. To organize educational programs, training sessions, and awareness campaigns to enhance the capacity of stakeholders in environmental protection and sustainable development. 
  9. To implement earth leadership programs that contribute to the creation of a sustainable world and an earth-conscious society.
  10. To engage in research and knowledge management activities for generating evidence and advocating for policy changes.


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