Green Village

Green Village

Green stands for balance, harmony, growth, renewal and rebirth. Green village programme aims at wholesome development of the rural areas by addressing ecological, economic, and equity issues in the villages.  The programme aims to bring about changes through community level social regulations, co-operation, and its proactive participation for a green, clean, toxic free, low carbon, self-reliant, eco-resilient rural India. Following is an outline of the mandate for the programme. The initial phase focused on entry point activities like tree plantation, organic farming, awareness and rapid appraisals of the villages to evolve appropriate need based programmes.

  • Conservation of village ecosystems, biodiversity and its invaluable local genetic wealth.
  • Conservation and judicious usage of resources like water, soil, energy, and all biotic and abiotic natural heritage.
  • Planting and protecting indigenous trees to cover village with a minimum of 33 % tree cover.
  • Environmental awareness, skills and capacity building for the promotion of sustainable livelihoods and empowerment of all villagers.
  • Nature friendly traditional organic farming, initiatives…
  • Promotion of new and renewable energy sources.
  • Safeguarding traditional indigenous wisdom and promotion of eco-friendly innovations.


The idea was conceptualized in 2011 and to begin with about 2,34,243 saplings were planted in several villages. Subsequently to take forward the aspiration in a more comprehensive manner CGR focused on the creation of model green villages by promoting sustainable development goals in the rural areas. The villages in which the programme is taken up are Silarpalli and Maisigandi in Nagarkurnool district, Saireddygudem in Rangareddy district and TV 9 colony in Kurnool district.


Model Green Villages

Silarpally  |  Shivapuram | Maisigandi  |  Saireddygudem  |  TV9 Colony

Council for Green Revolution , Green Village Programme 2010-18

Year Date Location of Plantation District  name No of Plants
2017-18 11.07.2017 Chevella Mandal, Vilakarabad Vikarabad Dist 1000
2017-18 28.08.2017 Silar pally Village, Kalwakurthy Mandal, Nagar Kurnool Dist Nagar Kurnool Dist 662
2017-18 28.08.2017 Maisigandi Village, Kadthal Mandal Ranga Reddy Dist 675
2017-18 28.08.2017 Vemula Village, Midgil Madal, Mahaboob nagar Mahaboob Nagar 620
2017-18 September, 2017  Vempati Village, Thungathurthi Mandal, Suryapet Dist 200
2016-17 05.08.2016 Maisigandi Village, Kadthal Mandal Mahaboob Nagar 500
2016-17 08.08.2016 Shivapuram Village, Penuganchiprolu Mandal, Krishna Dist Krishna Dist 1200
2015-16 29.06.2015 Tarnikal, Mangala Pally, Kadthal, Maisigandi, Muccherla, Silarpally, Saireddy Gudem ( Each Village 870 Plants) Mahaboob nagar 20483
2014-15 24.07.2014 Oorkonda Village, Midgil Mandal, Mahabbob Nagar Mahaboob Nagar 300
2014-15 12.08.2014 Silar pally Village, Kalwakurthy Mandal, Mahaboob nagar Dist Mahaboob Nagar 250
2014-15 13.08.2014 Kanchirao pally,- Pebbair Mandal, Marepally, Jadcharala Mandal, Eklaspur & Kistapur, – Narayanpet Mandal Mahaboob Nagar 6500
2013-14 Mahaboob Nagar 51182
2013-14 22nd August, 2013 TV9 Colony, Kurnool Kurnool 1200
2013-14 31st August, 2013 Pillalamarri Village, Nalgonda dist Nalgonda Dist 2320
2012-13 Nalgonda Nalgonda 190
2012-13 Rangareddy Ranga Reddy 450
2012-13 100 Villages of MBNR Mahaboob Nagar 103948
2011-12 Kurraram Nalgonda 1000
2011-12 Pamukunta Nalgonda 1000
2011-12 Anajpur Nalgonda 900
2011-12 Mamoodapur Nalgonda 1000
2011-12 Atmakoor Nalgonda 3310
2011-12 Pillalamarri Nalgonda 2000
2011-12 Gudur Ranga Reddy 1000
2011-12 Murthujapally Mahaboob Nagar 5000
2011-12 Kadthal Mahaboob Nagar 500
2011-12 Maisigandi Mahaboob Nagar 600
2011-12 Hyderabad Hyderabad 6450
2011-12 Medak Medak 4200
2011-12 Kurnool Kurnool 2000
2011-12 Guntur, Sattenapally Guntur 25000
Total  245640


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