CGR has been dedicatedly advocating for policy attention in our nation, aiming to cultivate a comprehensive environmental landscape and foster a more sustainable future.

Recognizing that environmental security is tantamount to national security, we are currently grappling with a pollution crisis, notably in Delhi. From ordinary citizens to global leaders, everyone is vulnerable to the perils of toxic air. Challenges persist throughout India, and the impacts of climate change are becoming increasingly evident, putting the collective future of our nation at risk.

Understanding the profound impact that political will can have on shaping the future, we express our earnest aspirations to the political leadership for a sustainable and resilient future. We firmly believe that the decisions made today will have far-reaching consequences for the world and our nation.

In our pursuit of a sustainable future, CGR has facilitated consultation workshops where individuals, organizations, and experts have actively contributed to the development of a manifesto. 

This manifesto represents a comprehensive framework that integrates the principles of sustainable development with a focus on addressing the environmental challenges and social factors that are of paramount importance to our nation. 

This manifesto envisions balanced growth, outlining ambitions that we hope all political fronts will integrate into their party manifestos and actively work towards realizing. This endeavor transcends national boundaries; it is a commitment to the well-being of Mother Earth and future generations. 

Green Manifesto 2024 was released on 8th February 2024, at Constitution Club, New Delhi. We are glad to share this document and request your commitment to  support the aspirations.