Earth Centre Alliance

Initiated by CELS, the Earth Center Alliance (ECA) is committed to providing a platform for college and university students to foster environmental stewardship and planetary responsibility. This tailored program aims to nurture and propagate environmental consciousness while simultaneously cultivating the development of Earth leaders. Emphasizing activities centered around earth sustainability, the program seeks to build a network of academic institutions dedicated to contributing to the betterment of our planet. In a symbolic representation of their commitment to sustainability, each participating college will be recognized as an Earth Center.

The ECA program has gained substantial momentum in Telangana, with 30 degree colleges affiliated with state universities joining its ranks. The enthusiastic response from these institutions is heartening, as they actively participate in the network’s activities and wholeheartedly embrace the shared vision of sustainability. The networking efforts of the ECA continue to expand with great enthusiasm, aiming to encompass a network of 120 colleges. To achieve this, each of the initial 30 colleges in the alliance will be encouraged to enroll at least four more colleges, reaching a total coverage of over 10,000 students. This program holds immense potential to cultivate a widespread and impactful influence on sustainability throughout the state, aligning with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 4 and 17.