Conference of People on Climate Change

Conference of People, dedicated to fostering inclusive participation across diverse backgrounds in discussions and the development of solutions for the pressing issue of climate crisis. Over the past three years, CGR has successfully organized the Conference of People on Climate Change, running parallel to UNFCCC-COPs in Glasgow, Sharm-El-Sheik, and Dubai.This initiative aims to elevate awareness and focus on climate action at the individual, institutional, and governmental levels.

Throughout these People’s COP events, numerous activities have been orchestrated. Daily analyses and reviews of COP28 have been conducted, with collaboration extending to various institutions through the Earth Centers Alliance, universities, colleges, institutions, partner organisations, volunteers etc. Engaging in extensive outreach, CGR has conducted workshops,  conferences, symposiums, and seminars at universities and colleges, directly reaching approximately 15,000 individuals and many more through social media, press, and other media channels.

The outcomes of these conferences include valuable resource materials, climate policy suggestions, and the establishment of networks for climate action gaining momentum. The conference proceedings have been compiled into a publication. The conference’s impacts and impressions are anticipated to contribute to policy directives for governments, facilitating the expansion of climate literacy and governance horizons. Advocating for environmentally friendly behavior, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and enhancing health and well-being simultaneously, this conference has made commendable efforts towards promoting Lifestyles for the environment, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and green growth.