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  • To work for environmental protection and sustainable development
  • To work on conservation, regeneration and sustainable management of biodiversity and ecosystems
  • To work for sustainable natural resource management
  • To work for massive tree plantation, promoting sustainable agriculture, water and energy conservation, Sanitation, development of self-sufficient and self-reliant composite green villages
  • To work for achievement and promotion of New Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs)-2030 including creation of Institutional framework for dissemination of information through training and carrying out any work relating to (SDGs)
  • To create earth leadership through training, capacity building, skill development, awareness, motivation, sensitization and all other means of proactive endeavor
  • To work in the direction of meeting Nation’s commitment towards the Global Policy on Climate Change including taking up programmes in climate change for mitigation and adaptation
  • To undertake base line surveys, impact assessment studies, action research, innovation, policy work, information, education and communication

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