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Green’s Alliance for Conservation of Eastern Ghats (GrACE)


GrACE aims towards ecological balance and recognizing the invaluable ecosystem services of the hill ranges by focusing on protection of these serene hills, invaluable resources, biodiversity, sustenance, and survival of indigenous communities and others, through the following objectives:-

  • To take forward the national level Eastern Ghats Conservation Programme through networking and creating synergies among individuals and organizations from all spheres of society.
  • Bringing national and global attention and focus towards the conservation of Eastern Ghats.
  • Promoting positive action and eco-resilience among the communities and individuals in the region for protection of the hills and its biotic resource base
  • Stocktaking of Eastern Ghats natural heritage, natural resources, and biodiversity
  • Working towards effective policy, advocacy, legal policy, governance, and management framework
  • To work for autonomous statutory Eastern Ghats Protection Authority


Conservation of Eastern Ghats as one of the World’s natural heritage and ecological treasures.


GrACE endeavors to promote consciousness, eco-resilience and positive action for the cause of Eastern Ghats protection.


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