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The founders, K. Leela Laxma Reddy and K. Laxma Reddy are ardent nature lovers. They have a shared vision and concern for the environment, along with eminent environmentalists and scientific and academic community. With the inspiration from the great emperor Ashoka, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, many noble souls and champions of earth, the couple took resolve to formalize and organize their occasional service towards nature in the form of an organization named Council for Green Revolution. Founded on 22 April 2010 (Earth Day) the organization aims to be a think-tank as well as a catalyst of change for a big and positive impact, to stop and reverse the degradation of nature. The idea was well encouraged and supported by eminent environmentalists, academicians, intellectuals, scientists, researchers, organizations and many other concerned citizens.

K. Laxma Reddy

K. Leela Laxma

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