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CGR – Council for Green Revolution

Council for Green Revolution (CGR), an environmental organisation was founded on Earth Day 22 April 2010. It works for the protection of the environment and promotes sustainable development. It is a group of concerned citizens comprising of eminent environmentalists, scientists, ecologists, journalists and supported by others who are deeply concerned about the planet Earth. The organization primarily focuses on the restoration of damaged ecosystems and nurturing earth leadership. 

So far, CGR facilitated the planting of about 3.4 million saplings, by reaching out to one million school children and youth largely from the rural Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states. CGR initiated Greens’ Alliance for Conservation of Eastern Ghats (GrACE); which worked for nine years and published a world-class a report entitled Eastern Ghats Environment Outlook (2019) which was released by Sri Pranab Mukherjee, Former President of India.


Our Achievements

Saplings Planted

Villages Involved

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Recent Events

22 Apr 2022 Earth Day 22nd April,2022
22 Mar 2022 World Water Day 22nd March,2022
21 Mar 2022 International Day of Forests 21th March 2022
14 Feb 2022 Celebrating Activism in honour of Prof K Purushotham Reddy 14th Feb 2022
5 Feb 2022 Aksharabhyasam Programme 05th Feb 2022
27 Jan 2022 Webinar on Dieback Disease in Neem Trees 27th Jan 2022
31 Oct 2021 Climate Change Conference of People 2021
5 Jun 2021 National Webinar observing World Environment Day
22 Apr 2021 International Webinar on Restore Our Earth
8 Feb 2021 International Conference on Plants and Environment
18 Sep 2020 Release of books on Farmer's Pride and Biodiversity Protection
6 Sep 2020 State Webinar on "Dry despite Rain: Fate of River Musi and Gandipet
21 Jul 2020 Holistic School Education
16 Jun 2020 Articles writing Competition on Rural Primary Health
5 Jun 2020 National Level Essay Competition
5 Jun 2020 World Environment Day 2020
5 Jun 2020 Webinar on Time for Nature-celebrate and protect Biodiversity
30 May 2020 Impact of Lockdown on Women
5 May 2020 World Environment Day - Telugu Songs Writing Competition
22 Apr 2020 Digital Earth Reel
22 Apr 2020 Earth Day 2020
22 Apr 2020 Film Fest
10 Feb 2020 Dussehra and Jammi chettu Celebrations
10 Feb 2020 World-Environmetal-Day_2019
10 Feb 2020 Earth Day 2019
10 Feb 2020 Youth Leadership for Sustainable Development
10 Feb 2020 Wet lands and climate change
10 Feb 2019 National Meet on Climate Emergency
10 Mar 2012 Regional Convention at Nagarjuna University
19 Nov 2011 Regional Convention at Andhra University


We request individuals to donate generously towards all our initiatives and do their bit towards Mother Earth.



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Sustaining the environment for future generations is our shared responsibility. It is the collective and combined efforts of all that would help in sustaining Mother Earth for future generations. Protection and conservation of the environment is not only a duty but also a moral obligation. Join the ever inspiring and highly motivated team from CGR and do your bit TODAY!

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Massive Tree Plantation

Massive Tree Plantation is a  initiative by CGR to restore green cover and ecological balance in semi-arid areas.

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GrACE was launched by CGR to provide an ideal platform for a national level broad spectrum movement for the protection of the unique bio-geosphere.

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The Earth Center

The Earth Centre, proposed by Council for Green Revolution (CGR) is an independent think tank and premier environmental education and research centre.

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At the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit, on 25th September 2015, world leaders from more than 150 countries adopted the new SDG 2030 agenda.

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