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CGR envisions healthy and livable planet earth in which societies are environmentally conscious, eco-resilient, and caring the nature and all life forms.
CGR strives to build earth leadership and promotes societal responsibility for the conservation of nature and sustainable development.

To the question, “what can be done to benefit society at large?” by a senior couple who wanted to commit themselves to a great worthy cause , an environmentalist gave direction to a noble mission that has lasted a decade, laying a firm foundation for a movement the results of which may perhaps last at least a hundred years. This cause was ‘the rejuvenation and of degraded greenery and conservation of nature’. With this in view, an association by the name ‘Council for Green Revolution’ (CGR) was launched on April 22, the Earth Day 2010 by Mr K. Laxma Reddy and Ms K. Leela Laxma Reddy to take up focused work on Environmental protection.

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Green Mission Udyamam is a massive tree plantation initiative by CGR to restore green cover and ecological balance in semi-arid areas...



GrACE was launched by CGR to provide an ideal platform for a national level broad spectrum movement for the protection of the unique bio-geosphere....

Earth Center


The Earth Centre, proposed by Council for Green Revolution (CGR) is an independent think tank and premier environmental education and research centre ...

Sustainability Development Goals


In the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit on 25 September 2015, more than 150 Countries world leaders adopted the new 2030 ...

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Sustaining Environment for Future Generation is our Shared responsibility

Join the ever inspiring and highly motivated Team CGR. It is the collective and combined efforts of all that would help in sustaining Mother Earth for future generations. Protection and Conservation of Environment is not only a duty but also a moral obligation.



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