Awards & Recognitions

Telangana Haritha Mitra Award 

- Recived Haritha mitra award by Council for Green Revolution along with Vandematharam Foundation for the year 2017,  for the contribution in Massive tree plantation in Warangal (Rural) District. 

 - in recognition of exemplary contributaion in implementation of Telanganaku Haritha Haram in Institutions/Organizations (Non-Government) category,on the occasion of 71st Independance day on15th August, 2017.



Justice Kuldip Singh Award

Recognition of her/his distiguised and outstanding contribution to Environmental Education and Public Awareness by Council for Green Revolution (CGR), is being conferred by Capital foundation Justice Kuldip Singh Award by Prof. O.P.Kohli, Hon`ble Governor of Gujarat in the distinguished presence of Prof. Ved Prakash, Chairman U.G.C.



Telangana Haritha Mitra Award 

- On the occasion of 70th Independance day on15th August, 2016.

Recognition by the satae government of Telangana announced Haritha Mitra State award to Council for Green Revolution (CGR) and Presented it through Sri P. Mahender Reddy, Hon`ble Minister, Roads & Transport, Telangana on 15th August 2016 on the occasion of Independence Day celebrations at Cyberabad Commissionerate,Hyderabad.

It's a grate recognition for the six years of relentless green mission by CGR and also enhances the responsibility and role the orgainazation.



The State Governament of Andhra Pradesh has recognized the concept of CGR's idea of Birthday of the sapling included in, ''We-Our Environment 5th Class Environmental Studies text book'' (English,Telugu,Hindi & Urdu), State Council of Educational Research and Training(SCERT) Andhra pradesh & Telangana, in 2013 (Page 31-33)