CGR works towards environmental conservation and sustainable development.  The organization focuses its work both on restoration and conservation of ecosystems that have been impacted by heavy footprints of human activities. Witnessing rapid erosion of natural support systems, and looming pollution, CGR was initiated by Smt. Leela Laxma Reddy and Laxma Reddy to unleash a mission to green as much earth as possible by all means.

To rejuvenate the green cover and biodiversity in semi-arid tracts, CGR has facilitated planting 3.2 million saplings by involving about a million school children in two South Indian states of Telangana and AP. 

CGR initiated a long term conservation programme of fragile Eastern Ghats ecosystems. In the process, CGR initiated an alliance of conservationist and organized several National conferences, consultations along with continued networking, documentation and research.

CGR aims to promote UN Sustainable Development Goals in its work areas. We feel that awareness on SDGs has to increase, even while involving various stakeholders in owning up activities that contribute to the realization of SDGs. Biodiversity, sustainable resource management and agriculture are some of the focus areas CGR intends to work through SDGs.

CGR believes that the very survival and wellbeing of current and future generations is only possible with ‘the earth in balance’ and its natural capital. Strives to be a most purposeful catalyst for change, the organization has been has been supported by a think-tank of environmentalists, academicians, scientists, researchers, organizations, entrepreneurs and many other concerned people. Through the guidance of its eminent policy and scientific advisory group, consultations, research, CGR sets its agenda that gels with Indian scenario of administrative, ecology and sociological contexts.

The path ahead is long and challenging to be made it all green.

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